Brick Supplier

Brick Supplier

We offer all kind of brick -coaled burned and ceramic bricks. Best brick supplier in Bangladesh for any construction project. We supply  brick with high quality and affordable price  for your construction.Click here

A ceramic brick is a type of brick made from ceramic materials. It is a building material that is typically used in the construction of walls, foundations, and other structural elements.

There are many different types of bricks, including common bricks, facing bricks, engineering bricks, and decorative bricks, each of which is used for different applications and has unique properties and characteristics. Common bricks are the most widely used type of brick and are used for the construction of walls, buildings, and other structures. Facing bricks are used for the outer layers of buildings and are typically made from higher quality materials and are more aesthetically pleasing than common bricks. Engineering bricks are made from specially formulated clays and are used in the construction of foundations, retaining walls, and other structural elements. Decorative bricks are used to add visual interest and texture to buildings and are often used in the construction of decorative features such as fireplace surrounds and garden walls

Ceramic bricks are made from a mixture of clay, water, and other ingredients that are shaped and fired in a kiln at high temperatures. The high temperatures cause the clay to harden and become more durable, making ceramic bricks resistant to moisture and damage.More details

desi bricks

Desi Brick

Brick is the most common building material in construction. There are three types of bricks facing brick, engineering brick and common brick. Desi brick is known as burnt clay brick. Burnt clay bricks are also known as common bricks because they are the most abundant brick type in modern construction. These bricks are used in columns, walls, foundations, and more with a wide variety of purposes. There two types of common brick one is Class A and another is Class B .Best Brick supplier for any construction project .We offer salt free and perfect measurement brick which is in Bangladesh, standard brick dimension is 9 1⁄2 x 4 1⁄2 x 2 3⁄4 inch (length x depth x height).

Auto Brick

Auto bricks is known as ceramic bricks .It used is facing work and other construction works The ceramic bricks are extremely strong and fine finished worksite is also used as decoration. Two types auto bricks is available one is Slid and another is hollow bricks. Hollow bricks are three types –three hole, six hole and ten holes auto bricks.

Auto bricks

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