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Stone Supplier in Dhaka & All over Bangladesh

Stone Supplier for any project ,We offer variety types of stone chips or aggregates for any construction .A stone supplier is a company or individual that sources and supplies various types of stone materials for use in construction, landscaping, and other projects. These materials can include natural stone such as granite, marble, and limestone, as well as manufactured stone products like concrete pavers and retaining wall blocks.

There are many benefits to working with a stone supplier. For one, they have a wide selection of materials to choose from, which allows you to find the perfect stone for your project. They also have the knowledge and expertise to help you make informed decisions about which type of stone is best for your needs, whether it be for durability, aesthetics, or cost.

There are several reasons why you may want to choose a particular stone supplier for construction:

  • Quality of the stone: It’s important to choose a supplier that provides high-quality stone that is suitable for the specific construction project. This will ensure that the finished product is durable and meets the necessary building standards.
  • Range of products: A good stone supplier will offer a wide range of products, including different types of stone and finishes, so that you can choose the best option for your project.
  • Competitive pricing: It’s important to find a supplier that offers competitive pricing, as this can help to keep costs down and make the project more affordable.
  • Reliability and customer service: It’s important to work with a supplier that is reliable and provides good customer service. This will ensure that any issues or concerns are dealt with promptly and efficiently.
  • Experience and expertise: A supplier with experience and expertise in the stone industry can provide valuable guidance and advice on the best products and solutions for your project

One of the key considerations when working with a stone supplier is the quality of the materials they provide. It is important to choose a supplier that sources their stone from reputable sources and ensures that their materials meet industry standards. This will ensure that the stone you receive is of the highest quality and will stand the test of time. Aggregate materials are a combination of coarse and fine particles that are used to create a stable foundation for projects such as roads, buildings, and sidewalks.

We supply best quality Indian lc Black pakur ,Lc Tosa ,LC meghalaya ,Vutu vanga ,Singes ,aggregates ballast for railway track.more here


Stone supplier

Indian Black Stone Chips

Black pakur :Indian black stone/aggregates has high PSI value which is best for strong construction.It is used mostly in road ,piling ,columb and another constrcution.
Black stone is originated from India.Maily it is imported through Panama port and Hili port in Bangladesh.Black aggregates is crushed in various size.
The Black stone aggregate of size 5 mm to 50 mm is used in concrete work and they are categorized as fine stone chips. Generally soft foundations are cast using
chips of this size. The stone chips of size 5 to 60 mm are mainly used in road construction and other building works.We delivery any customised size for any construction project.More info

Tosa Chips/ Riter Chips

It is originated from Bhutan.It is known as Indian white LC Vanga .This aggregates are imported through Panchagrah,Lalmonirhat and Kurigram district port.Tosa STone Chips are widely used in building construction.Tosa CHips are crashed in various size.Tosa Chisps are available in size 5-20mm .We do delivery all over Bangladesh for any construction project.
Indian LC Vanga
stone supplier in dhaka

Boulder Vanga Stone

Boulder Vanga Chips are available on customer demand. There are two types of Boulder Vanga.One is local and another is Imported Boudler.Boulder Vanga is crashed in various size.Boudler Vanga stone is widely used in Building construction. Local Boulder Vanga is mined from Panchagar and Sylhet. Boulder stone price is depends on the size. The boulder concrete is also used for making Housing/industrial structures, roadways and other more.

Vutu vanga Chips

Vutu Vanga Chips is origin locally .It is mixed of Signles and crashed boulder vanga.It is widely used in Pilling construction. The Size of Vutu Vanga Chips is available in 3/4 down or 12-20 mm.It is available in wash or Non-washed.We offer best quality Vutu Vanga chips for construction project.More info

Vutu Vanga chips stone
Meghlaya Indian Lc stone Chips

Meghalaya Stone Chips

Indian LC Meghalaya Stone chips are originated from India.Its imported through Tamabil port in sylhet .It is widely used in road and all building construction.Meghalaya Stone chips are crushed to make construction size. We offer a variety size of Meghalaya Chips.

Singes Stone Chips

Singes /Chocolate Chips is origin from Panchagar and Sylhet.It is mined locally. Singes Stone chips is used for Pilling and other construction. This aggregates is mixed of size 5mm-20mm. It is available in wash and non-washed .We offer best quality Singes Stone chips for any construction project.

Singes chocolates stone chips
dubai stone chips

Dubai Black Stone chips

This Black Stone chips is originated from UAE. It is crushed to make construction size. It size available in 5mm- 20mm. It price depend on size.Dubai Black Stone chips is used in road, bridge and other building construction.more info 

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